Fuel Pump Factory 180LPH street series pump MAZDA MX-5 MIATA 2006-2014 L4 2.0L

  • $79.99

This is a Fuel Pump Factory high performance street series fuel pump. It is a direct replacement of the original pump. This pump is great for the type vehicle with basic bolt-on performance such as intake, header, and exhaust system. This pump is also great for vehicles with OEM turbos and superchargers. Most company sell the 255LPH and higher flow rate pump, but those fuel pumps are meant to be use in very high horsepower vehicles which with the basic performance upgrade, it is not necessary. This fuel pump is perfect for those who is looking for something more powerful compared to the stock pump. This fuel pump can support up to 250 horsepower. Flow rate tested by RC engineering as seen in the picture attached.

Noise Output: QUIET
Flow: 180 Liter Per Hour at 40PSI , at 3.0Bar/13.5V
Voltage: 12V min.

Overall Length: 4 3/8"
Length of Pump Body Metal Case: 2 1/2"
Pump Body Diameter: 1 1/2"
Inlet Diameter: 3/8"
Outlet Diameter: 3/8"

Package include:
* Fuel pump
* Installation kits: Strainer, hose, clamps, universal harness, rubber hose and gasket.

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