Genuine OEM Fuel Pump W/ Regulator For 2003-2008 Victory Vegas / Kingpin / Jackpot / Hammer Replace # 2520733 and 2520700

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This  is an OEM fuel pump made by Walbro ( Ti Automotive ) comes with two strainer and new fuel pressure regulator.  This is the same fuel pump sold by the dealership but for much more. This kit is only available from fuel pump factory.

Fitment. 2003-2008  Victory Vegas / Kingpin / Jackpot / Hammer Replace # 2520733 and 2520700

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PB i.P. (York, US)
Victory Vegas (03-08) OEM Fuel Pump

The pump appears to be a matching replacement to the OEM, so I'm rating the pump as 5*. However, upon putting everything back together I found that the pump itself was not the problem. Instead the rubber seal for the nipple (upon taking it apart) was apparently the culprit and not permitting the fuel lines to build pressure. Not FPF's problem, but do your customers a favor and at minimum suggest they purchase the seal, or better yet bundle it with the pump (for a few dollars more, you're already right there when replacing the pump).

The filter socks ship with a section of rubber hose to make the splice, but they do not include a barbed splice - why not do so? It's the only way to make the new socks fit correctly. The existing hose line has to be cut in order to remove existing socks, but the full original hose length is needed to properly position the socks in the bottom of the tank.

I would also suggest bundling the cinch rings needed to secure the pump to the housing and the existing hose to the pump.

While not necessary, it might be good to also suggest purchase/replacement of the flat rubber seals for the tank around the electrical and fuel line fittings as well as the rubber o-rings for the tank access plug. My o-rings appeared to be in good shape when I removed the access plug, but a week+ later they had deformed from exposure to fuel and were too large to fit back into the hole.

MITCHELL R. (Olathe, US)
Fuel pump replacement

These guys are great to work with. I was having trouble with getting my '05 Victory Kingpin running after replacing my fuel pump. I wasnt getting any pressure. After talking with customer service and they helped me diagnose a bad gasket/O-ring. They sent me a free replacement and now my bike runs better than ever! highly recommend these guys.

ROBERT M. (Hazen, US)

Great company!

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