FPF Fuel Pump W/ Fuel Filter for Honda Shadow VT1100 1995-2007, Replaces 16710-MCK-305, 16710-MCK-315, 16710-MAH-753

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FPF replacement fuel pump are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

Item Description
Fuel Pump: Same performance as your original pump!

Flow: 50-55 Liter Per Hour
Current: 1.2-1.4A
Package include:
* Fuel pump / Fuel Filter

1995-1999 VT1000 
2000 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2000 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2001 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2001 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2001 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2001 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2001 VT1100C3 A - FUEL TANK
2001 VT1100C3 AC - FUEL TANK
2002 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2002 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2002 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2002 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2002 VT1100C3 A - FUEL TANK
2002 VT1100C3 AC - FUEL TANK
2003 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2003 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2003 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2003 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2004 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2004 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2004 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2004 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2005 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2005 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2005 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2005 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2006 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2006 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2006 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2006 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK
2007 VT1100C A - FUEL TANK
2007 VT1100C AC - FUEL TANK
2007 VT1100C2 A - FUEL TANK
2007 VT1100C2 AC - FUEL TANK

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael T. (Santa Fe, US)
Acceptable replacement for 2002 VT1100C fuel pump

The first thing one notices is the too short lead wire. I remedied this by simply splicing in the original lead in its place. The second thing the you are aware of is the inlet, outlet and vent ports are opposite of the original. Luckily, there was sufficient length and flexibiilty in the existing piping that allowed for positioning ot the replacement to permit functioning. In the end, it appears to work just fine.

Michael L. (Somerset, US)
New Fuel Pump for 2003 VT1100C

Web site was easy to use and so was the ordering process. Would have been five stars except that the wire lead was only 7 inches long and the lead on original pump on the bike was 14 inches. Had to splice the lead in order to reach the wiring harness plug.

Cody K. (Houma, US)

Great pump. Fast delivery.

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