FPF EFI Fuel Pump Yamaha Outboard 200-300 HP HPDI 2003-2018, Replaces Yamaha 60V-13907-00-00

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2003 Yamaha LZ250TXRB/Z250TURB/Z250TXRB/LZ250TURB
2003 Yamaha VZ225TLRB/VZ250TLRB
2004 Yamaha LZ300TURC/LZ300TXRC/Z300TURC/Z300TXRC
2004 Yamaha VZ225TLRC/VZ250TLRC
2004 Yamaha VZ300TLRC
2004 Yamaha Z250TURC/LZ250TXRC/Z250TXRC/LZ250TURC
2005 Yamaha LZ250TXRD/LZ250TURD/Z250TXRD/Z250TURD
2005 Yamaha VZ200TLRD/VZ225TLRD/VZ250TLRD
2005 Yamaha VZ300TLRD
2005 Yamaha Z300TURD/LZ300TXRD/Z300TXRD/LZ300TURD
2006 Yamaha LZ250TUR/LZ250TXR/Z250TUR/Z250TXR
2006 Yamaha LZ250TXR 2/Z250TUR 20/Z250TXR 20/LZ250TUR 2
2006 Yamaha LZ300TXR/LZ300TUR/Z300TXR/Z300TUR
2006 Yamaha VZ200TLR 2/VZ225TLR 2/VZ250TLR 2
2006 Yamaha VZ225TLR/VZ200TLR/VZ250TLR
2006 Yamaha VZ300TLR
2006 Yamaha VZ300TLR 2
2006 Yamaha Z300TUR 20/LZ300TXR 2/LZ300TUR 2/Z300TXR 20
2007 Yamaha VZ250TLR 2/VZ200TLR 2/VZ225TLR 2
2007 Yamaha VZ300TLR 2
2007 Yamaha Z300TUR 20/Z300TXR 20/LZ300TXR 2/LZ300TUR 2
2008 Yamaha 6C9 1001078~ VZ300BTLR
2008 Yamaha VZ200RTLR /VZ225HTLR /VZ250FTLR
2008 Yamaha VZ300BTLR
2009 Yamaha VZ200RTLR
2009 Yamaha VZ225HTLR
2009 Yamaha VZ250FTLR
2009 Yamaha VZ300BTLR
2010 Yamaha VZ200RTLR
2010 Yamaha VZ225HTLR
2010 Yamaha VZ250FTLR
2010 Yamaha VZ300BTLR

FPF replacement fuel pump are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our pump features upgraded bushing, turbine impeller and Japanese armature electric motor which will ensure max performance and long lasting durability. All FPF fuel pump comes with 1-Year free replacement warranty. With this kind of guarantee, you can rest assure you are taken care of if any issue occurs.


Meet or exceed OEM performance and durability

Drop in replacement design

Improved internals like bushing, turbine impeller and Japan armature electric motor for better
performance and durability

Advanced pressure relief valve to insure the correct PSI

Hassle free 1-Year replacement warranty

Noise Output: QUIET
Flow: 100-120 Liter Per Hour, at 3.0Bar/13.5V
Voltage: 12V min.

Package include:
* Fuel pump

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