Fuel pump for Yamaha 1996-2013 Royal Star Replace # 4NK-13907-00-00 / 1D6-13907-00-00

Fuel Pump FactorySKU: FP-502-8MM-5

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Fuel pump for Yamaha 1996-2013 Royal Star Replace # 4NK-13907-00-00

Item Description
Fuel Pump: Same performance as your original pump!

Flow: 50-55 Liter Per Hour
Current: 1.2-1.4A
Package include:
* Fuel pump

Customer Reviews

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Ronald S. (Barberton, US)

I purchased a fuel pump that was listed as a direct replacement for my 2009 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. The order was processed promptly and deliver exceeded expectations. The first thing I noticed about the fuel pump was that the electrical connection does not match the factory plug on the bike. No problem I thought, I just took the connector off of the old fuel pump and solder and heat shrink the new joints. The factory fuel pump installs on a bracket that wraps around the fuel pump. The replacement pump seemed difficult to place the bracket around but thought it should work o.k. I should have been wary at this point as I noticed two concerns but elected to proceed. I installed the fuel pump and took it out for a test drive. It seemed to perform properly but i noticed when I got back that there seemed to be a leak somewhere in the installation. I checked all of the hoses and the fuel pump. I discovered that the fuel pump was leaking around the upper lip in sufficient enough quantity to leave a medium size puddle under the bike. I spent a little more on this fuel pump wanting to avoid the problems associated with the $29 pumps but well below the $260-$360 OEM Price. Alas, I should have went with the best OEM price. I do not feel I can return the pump as I cut the electrical connection off. I the companies defense, I did not contact the company but chose to bite the bullet and order the OEM product. I would not purchase a fuel pump from the fule pump factory in the future. Hope tis helps

Kip l. (Lake Stevens, US)

They treated me fairly

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